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The lower back tattoo is one of the tattoo favorites with younger women. It’s sexy without being over the top. Lower back tattoo design showing above is common with young women who enjoy showing a little skin and like to find ways to flatter their figure. Some women keep that area private and only display their lower back tattoo to their sexual partner or partners. Other women like to show off their lower back tattoos by wearing low hugging pants or jeans with a short cropped top.
Lower back tattoos are among the most popular kinds of tattoos. Although they are mostly worn by women, some men have started tattooing their lower back as well. Traditionally, the lower back has been a place that most people tend to tattoo designs that do not feature all that much symbolism, but lately that trend has started to change. For awhile the lower back tattoo had a bad wrap, and was considered by many to be much less classy than the other areas that you could tattoo yourself. Some of the more common tattoos people place on their lower back include flowers, different kinds of tribal tattoos, pictorial and other types of colorful tattoos. If you are interested in getting a lower back tattoo design but are unsure about what some of the popular lower back tattoo styles are, you may want to consider the following:

Flower Lower Back Tattoos

Some of the more common types of flowers that people choose to tattoo on their lower back include roses, lotus’ and various other flowers. Roses are often chosen because they are a beautiful flower that allows the individual to have a very colorful tattoo. Lotus’ are very popular among the Japanese, and the use of these flowers in tattoo art has quickly spread around the rest of the world as well. These flowers can represent a number of different things. For instance, the Poppy flower is known to represent sleep. The Poppy flower was popularized after it was used for Opium production in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Tribal Lower Back Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are very popular tattoos for the lower back. This is because they are fairly easy to design, and there are many different tribal lower back tattoo designs that are available. Usually these designs are all black, and they can represent a number of different things. One of the more popular things that is represented by tribal tattoos is the symbol for hope. Tribal tattoos are great for the lower back because they are not too detailed, and do not require too much time to tattoo them other than to fill them in.

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