Different types of knickers

The pair of knickers a woman wears can make a bold statement about who she is. The wide variety of knickers allows women to wear a different type of underwear for every occasion.

Bikini panties

This type of panty has a thin waistband which can be anything from a string to a side band.  Bikini panties are more flattering than regular briefs. Most women also find them very comfortable for daily wear. Bikinis provide medium coverage on the front and back and will not show through heavier fabrics like denim.

Boy shorts

Boy shorts are very comfortable and can be very versatile. It also eliminates panty lines. Boy shorts are great to pair with shirts and camisoles. Some women even like wearing them at night. Boy shorts became very popular because of women who do not want to wear a thong but prefer a sexier alternative to regular briefs.

Brazilian panty

Brazilian panties are suited for women who prefer less coverage. Brazilian panties cover more skin than thongs do but much less than a bikini. It has a full crotch but the back part follows the shape of the cheeks in an arched shape.

Briefs panty

Brief is the classic choice for women. It can be used in every situation. Every woman should have a good selection of brief panties for every occasion. The waistband of a brief panty rests just above the navel and provides full back coverage.

G-string panty

A g-string has a similar front appearance to a thong but it leaves the butt exposed. The back has a simple string that connects to a waistband. G-string prevents any form of panty lines which is a great advantage if you are wearing tight clothes.  G-strings can be tricky to wear if you are not used to them. Opt for the g-strings that have a softer and thinner string at the back.

Hipster panty

Hipster panties are low rise knickers. These provide medium coverage with the waist band sitting much lower on the hips. Hipster panties are great to pair with low cut jeans.


Thongs are known to give the body a sexy and sleek appearance. A thong is a panty with a narrow fabric at the back and has a small triangle at the front. Try to purchase a few pairs of thongs first and test them out to see if they feel comfortable on you.  Thongs look very flattering on almost all body shapes.


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