Kick Up Your Heels

"Inside Out" Photocall - The 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival

The modern woman is poised.  Confident.Elegant.Feminine.  Her clothes reflect her personality and good taste.  But sometimes…sometimes, a woman just wants to be noticed.  She wants to walk through a room and have every head turn to see her.  She wants people to stop and stare as she walks by.  When this woman has an opportunity to shine, she reaches into her wardrobe and pulls out this little black dress that makes a statement to everyone she meets.  Not for the faint at heart, this dress is not for the shrinking violets in the crowd.  The woman wearing this dress has no intention of being a wallflower at the party – she wants to be in the center of the spotlight.

Stepping into the Glitter Whisper Strappy dress will make one thing very clear: this baby doll dress is all grown up.  The strappy sleeves and heart shaped neckline attracts the eye.  But it is the textured material, flecked with glitter and metallic shine that captures them.  Flirty and fun, this little black dress is here for the party.  The puffy skirt stops inches above the knee, showing off long, sleek legs.  The straps meet in the back at a full, oversized bow on the waistline that gives just a hint of fun to this party dress.  Accessorize it simply, with an elegant chain and pendant.  Understated earrings and a fashionable clutch will complete this glamorous look.  Pair it with a set of killer heels and you won’t have to wonder if anyone noticed you arrive.  Smile your sexiest smile (Red lipstick.  The dress needs red lipstick.), hold your head high and get ready to party.

While you’re turning heads, now is the perfect time to try out that new up-do you haven’t been brave enough to try.  Wearing this dress makes a statement – you can’t turn back now.  Add a few glittery barrettes and dust some body glitter across your shoulders – this dress is all about glam.

If you like to hide in the back of the room at parties, this dress is not for you.  But if you have a holiday event to attend this season, or a fancy night on the town planned with your friends this dress is exactly what you need when you don’t want to blend in.  When you need a dress that gets heads turning in your direction, grab that spotlight and glitter.

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