Plus Size Fashion is Really Fashion Plus

Plus Size Fashion

The trendy fashion types have been imposing on the public at large what’s fashionably appealing. While it leaves room for individual taste, it doesn’t leave much to individual size. Those leggy models on the pages of glossies have been so entrenched in the subconscious and leave women convinced that these skinny types are portraits of beauty, style and what’s normal. Just how many plus size models have appeared on covers of the glamor glossies? One can only name a few, if at all.

True, the appeal of a healthy lifestyle and a fit physique has never been more attractive. Gyms and wellness places have become more popular, and not just popular but necessary.

But not all are blessed with physiques of goddesses. Some do not quite have model-type bodies. Some are bit bigger. Rather, a lot more are a bit bigger. Big enough so as to fit in only size 16 dresses. And they don’t mind being so. So why is it that if more people are in the plus size, why is plus size fashion limited to a few racks and a few specialty brands?

The reality is that there are more plus size women than the more petite counterparts, with the average majority wearing size 16 dresses. And it’s not just weight that’s the issue here, some are just generally bigger. You have women who go to the gym and are still plus size so that debunks the plus size means not healthy myth. It’s just that some women are bigger than others.X – size 16 dresses1

Those in the fashion industry should pay more attention to this. It’s not that they are unaware, it’s just not quite fashionable to offer clothes in plus size. But plus size fashion can actually be more fashionable than “normal” size fashion. It’s a bigger challenge to design bigger size clothing. But that’s only because of the constraints society has imposed on us about what is a generally acceptable body size. And while society defines who people are as a collective, it should not be used to define people as individuals. Too often, a heavyset woman (read: a plus size woman) would not be considered beautiful. And the clothes that hang on such a woman would not be called fashionable. And why not? It should pose as a challenge to those in the clothing industry. There is enough design to go around for the average build individual. Designers who specialize in plus size fashion, stores that offer only size 16 dresses to size 24 clothes, fashion events for the plus size market, premium brands with plus size lines, age-appropriate plus size fashion, and so on… Now those are fashionable ideas with a plus.


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