Why buy designer clothes?

Why buy designer clothes

Many people don’t need much convincing from buying designer clothes but others with a tighter budget may want to justify purchasing luxurious brands. Designer brands are sought after not just because of their beauty but because of practical reasons as well.

Product quality

Other people might think that the expensive price tags that come with designer clothes just accounts for the brand name and that the product is no better than the others. While it is true that part of the price comes from the privilege of wearing the brand name but the quality of the product is superior to others.  Looking closely at designer pieces will reveal how carefully every detail is made. It is cut precisely and is sewn to be as flattering to the body as it possibly can. Designer items are also more expensive because of the materials used.


Designer brands have already perfected their craft and has already understood what their customer are looking for. People only swear by few designers because they consistently perform very well for them.


Certain brands have their own identity. For example, Ralph Lauren exudes a classic preppy style while Abercrombie are worn by trendy teenagers. People relate to these brands and use them to represent who they are.


People who look well-dressed feel better about themselves. Designer clothes radiate social status and success. People want to show off their achievements and one way to do it is by sporting designer tags.

A collector’s item

Fashionistas are scouring thrift stores for old designer items. Designer shoes, clothes and accessories of the past are highly valued. When regular clothes are old, they become worthless but old designer items become collector’s item instead. The iconic style and materials used makes it last longer and will be sought after for many years.

Support artists

Designers are artists themselves, they use fabric to create art and beautify the wearer. People who appreciate art and design like paintings and architecture will appreciate the unique creations that only designers can bring to clothing. Also, by buying original clothes instead of cheap replica, people support the designers themselves and industry that they represent.

Although designer clothes are more expensive, they are definitely worth the investment. Aside from the glamour that they portray, designer items are art pieces that are made to be admired, looked at and appreciated. Other online retailers like Joseph can make it easier for people to buy designer clothes that would be within their budget.

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